Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 Resolution - Complete

One of the local festivals at Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan in Oct 2016
Hello there!

OMG! I haven't posted or update this blog in ages. Anyway, trust that you are all well (whoever reads this blog). Obviously we've all been busy since 1st January 2016 but true to my word and New Year resolution for 2016, I did it and complete it yesterday!

So much has happened during this year and I will post about it in another blog hehehe :-) Just thought to stop by today and mention that I have completed my 2016 resolution, 2 weeks in advance!! YAY!!

Til my next update,

Fa laia bye bye

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Taken in January 2014 in Palmerston north, NZ. Exactly 2 years ago. My dad with some of his grandchildren.
This is just a #RandomPost that came to mind when thinking of someone I know whom lost both his parents during the festive season. Very sad tho! I can not imagine the pain that they are going through!

How I am so glad, thankful and grateful that my parents are still around! Thank you Father for the gift of my parents!

My advise please.... Love, respect, cherish and appreciate your parents while they are still alive. I never knew how hard parenting would be until I became one myself. Therefore, I am so grateful for my parents and for all that they have done for me and my siblings. This lifetime alone is not enough for me to repay them for all that they have done and continue doing for us. If your parents are still here, then don't waste time arguing or going against them. What is the use of loving your friends and others but not the two people that had loved you first apart from our Lord God? Love them now for you never know what tomorrow brings. Use every opportunity you have with them to show them how much they mean to you instead of spending the small amount of time you have with them to criticize and judge them. Yes! our parents are not perfect but who is? 

Plus, how would you expect your children to love and respect you back when you are old and grey, when they have seen you treating your parents otherwise? They said, "Monkey see, monkey do!"

So please....  love your parents more than you love your backstabbing friends! Friends come and go and you can always find and make more friends over the years but you will never get another set of parents!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Year 2016 Project

One of our greatest investments in 2015. Our 8 acres kumala (sweet potato) patch.

Belated Merry Christmas Readers and a Happy New Years!

Anyway, straight to the point… I won’t call this a resolution or else it will end up just like the rest of the other resolutions that I have named and never followed in the prior years. 

This year 2016 will be a very busy year for me. My final year into Graduate School and overloading by taking 8 units through part-time instead of the normal 6 a year. So it will definitely be a busy busy year for me. Apart from that, I also have work full time, being a wife full time, a mother of 2 and the list goes on and on…. ;-)

Anyway to keep things short, I have been thinking hard during the last month and found out that I have always wanted to do this but never seemed to find time, which is to read the whole Bible. 

I know my load this year will be too much to carry but I know I can do this…. It is my utmost desire to know my Father more and more and to know my heritage through Christ Jesus that my Father has prepared for me…. And for you too!! 2015 has been a great year for me and family…. Have gone through testimony after testimony of his love, grace, provision and blessings upon our family.

Anyway, I hope your year 2015 was awesome and here’s wishing you a greater 2016 this year.

Ofa lahi atu from Tonga

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

400th Post!

My sister inlaw's kahoa heilala that she wore on her First Sunday as Mrs. Funaki!
YAY! This is my 400th blog.

So much has happened since my last blog. One of Charlie's younger sisters, Finau got married, one of our classmates for MBA passed away, one of my younger brother's graduated with a double degree from Arizona State University yesterday etc etc. and my Lord God is always awesome and wonderful with me and my family!

This year has been a great year for me and my family. We have witnessed how great our Lord is though his grace, love, provision, protection etc to my family. When we could not provide, he provided for us instead. When we were weak, he made us stronger. When we were struggling, he conquered the world for us.... We are forever grateful and thankful for what God had done for us and we are looking forward to a greater and more successful year next year! Vi'ia le Alii ma e agalelei mau pea le Ali'i!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Open Letter To My Daughter

My daughter, Angela & I. 3 year old Angela at the time. Photo taken in early 2014.
Dear Angela,

I know by the time you read this or come about this letter, you will be old enough to understand, read and write, in High School or Uni.... or you knows, maybe married with children! But this week has been an emotional week for me, witnessing how some mothers and daughters react, talk, treat each other and it stirred something in me, wondering and wanting to know what we (you & I) will become, come the next 20 or 30 years or so.

I do admit that growing up, I had loved my father more than I my mother. Don't get me wrong, I did and still do love my Mom dearly but lets say my mother and I did not have the kind of relationship where we share secrets etc (if such relationships ever exist in the Samoan culture).

Anyway, first let me tell you something about my Mother. She is a very strong woman! She does seem and appear humble and soft but I know that she is a very strong woman to withstand all that she had gone through when married to my Father. My Mother also is a very smart woman! Very smart that I used to wish that I was as smart as her. My father, lets say, was not the perfect husband to her hehe ;-) It is no secret that my father was a player of his time haha ;-) but my Mother stayed with him during all that time...... I used to wonder if she was that stupid (excuse that) to put up with all that crab from my Father. And at such a young age, I vowed that I will never, and never ever will go through that heartbreak experience. I had vowed at such a young age that I will leave my future husband's arse should he ever think of doing what my father did to my mother. That is where it all started.... I started to resent my Mother for staying with him although I had loved my Father too. But it broke my little heart back then seeing her trying so hard to be strong for our sake when I knew everything that went on. Samoa is not that big of an island and people do talk... like they actually do talk. My father smacked (no secret at all...... our neighbours and cousins do know that I do get smacks from my Father even before I left for Uni haha ;-) ) me 1,000 times more than my mother ever did but I still resented my Mother based on my own petty judgement, thinking that she was weak to put up with my Father. And because of that, I never had a normal relationship with my Mother. As a teenager I would always do exactly the opposite of what she would want or expect me to do. I would talk back at her ( not proud at all)... blamed her and resented her even more. 

I am a Mother myself now.... to you and your brother, Alejandro..... and it made me realized that my Mother is the most strongest woman that I have ever known. I do not think that I could ever handle what she went through for so many years because of my Father. I am not saying this to make me feel good but as I grew older and wiser, I realized that my Mother deserved alot of respect, love, support and care for all that she did for her 10 children. I now only have admiration, love and respect for her!

I do regret all the times that I had resented her thinking that I knew better than her. I regret talking back at her just to hurt her. I do regret all the times that I had shouted at her for no reason. I regret not giving her the respect that she deserved for raising me. I regret not being a great daughter to her. I regret not being by her side while she was going through heartbreaks after heartbreaks. I regret the times that I had mocked her ideas and opinions. I regret all the times that I threw her words back at her but most of all, I do regret not loving her the way that she deserved to be loved.

I am thankful that I have realized it now before it is too late and then of course , regrets after regrets. I am glad that my Mother is still alive today. Despite her eyesight deteriorating faster, I am still grateful that she is still alive. I am glad that I have been telling her that I love her. I am blessed to have her!

Angela, I do hope that you will not have regrets like I did. I hope that you will treat any Mothers (not just myself but also your future Mother inlaw) the respect, love and support that they deserve. You are an amazing little girl and I am sure that you will be a beautiful, amazing, loving and great woman of your time! Never allow your petty thoughts, pride, education and bad experience to determine the way you treat your Mothers! Just as I did, you don't even know half of what they are going through or went through to get where they are today. Just be the loving, respecting and beautiful inside out person that your father and I have raised you up to be.

You are merely 5 years old now and so much that you have done to make us very proud of you! But most of all, we are so proud of the person that you have become and will become in 20 or 30 years time! You are blessed and a blessing Angela!

I love you so much and I only pray and declare greatness in your life and you are destined to do good works! Delight in the Lord always and he will lead you through it all!

Love always,

Your Mom!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

(•◡•)❥ Happy Birthday to me & Happy Birthday to this Blog! ❥(•◡•)

Our family photo on my birthday. At our baby Angela's kindergarten graduation at Vakaloa Beach, Tonga. Thank you Father for your never ending blessings upon me and my family.
Happy 30th Birthday to Me!!

I created this blog 2 years ago, to be exact, when I was so bored outta my eyes.... Comparing my life now to 2 years, I could not believe that I have made it this far! So much has changed! I thank God for blessing me with another year to fulfill his call in my life! Here is a glimpse into what have changed since 2 years ago (like anyone wants to know aye? hahaha ;-) ) Ten Points only i kumu le blog haha ;-)

1. Arcangela
She is 5 years old now and just graduated Kindergarten last night. Such a great, loving, funny and smart little girl that she is now. She can spell and write her own name. Do basic Maths additions. Read books her age and such a great soloist wherever she is whether at Sunday school, home, and kindergarten etc. I love you Angela! You are a blessing and I am so lucky to have you as my daughter!

2. Alejandro
He is now 8 years old and soon to be 9 next month. He is such a blessing to us! He can now stay at our maketi (market of crops) and sell them on his own and knows money well when it comes to doing money change etc. I could not have imagined myself doing that when I was his age. He is just a great helper at home as well and has this shy and humble personality.... something he definitely did not get from me hehe ;-) You are my champion Alejandro! I know you will do great things when you are my age!

3. Charlie
Believe it or not, but this guy will be going back to school soon and will be learning something totally different from what he studied back during our Uni years. Yes! From studying Economics & Information System to studying Diesel Fitting. His application for Tech College got processed earlier this month and his name is now on the waiting list for the next upcoming class. Tech College is located in Fiji. I hope he gets a place soon! He is so eager to go and study what he now loves.... dismantling and assembling heavy plant engines and fixing them etc... especially when it comes to his tractors and trucks. Sounds all too boring for me but I respect what he loves hehe ;-) it is was provides for the food on our table after all hehe ;-)

4. Marriage
Married life has never been great. (yeah! like I was married before to know more on this subject hehehe ;-) ) It is funny how we never run out of new things to learn about each other! and like wine, it gets better and better as years go by. Thank you Charlie for being such a great, awesome and loving husband! I do know for sure that if someone were to ask you like in R City's song ft Adam Levin "Locked Away" - "If I got locked away And we lost it all today, would you still love me the same? If I showed you my flaws and if I couldn't be strong, would you still love me the same?" - I do know that you will still love me the same. I love you Charlie! you know I am your Ride or Die shorty fai mai ai kagaka gangsta hahaha ;-)

5. Photography
My DSLR camera is 2 years old as well... and my photography skills are getting better and better!  (too sure kele fo'i haha ) Definitely thinking of getting me a new camera once I finish school. I love taking photos but I hate being under pressure... you know... when people expect you to take great photos for them hahaha ;-) I love what I do and I love doing it in my own terms, my own pace and my own way haha ;-) I also took our photo featured above using my tripod. Not bad at all for an amateur like myself aye? hahaha ;-)

6. Work Life
So much has changed at work as well. Took a lil step up the corporate ladder... but as I said... a lil step hehehe ;-) but I am still grateful for my job! My employer pays for my tuition now and they are expecting me to serve them with a 3 year bond after this. Like Seriously? ia lemme think about it! Muliga lea sa fai laka PhD alii ma le la bond umi faapela.

7. Family in Samoa
Went home to Samoa last month for my grandmother's funeral and it was so good to be home again. We came back and Charlie told me that he won't mind moving back to Samoa to do something similar like we do now here in Tonga. Agricultural investment! hehe ;-) Ia good luck Charlie! hahaha ;-) But all in all, everyone in Samoa are well. Can't wait for direct flights to be in service again between Tonga and Samoa so that we can go home as often as we can. There is no place like home aye?

8. Family in Tonga
 If you were a fan of my Project 365 in Year 2014, you would notice an old lady that I used to be featured in my photos together with my kids... my children's great grandma, Finau Liti; well she passed away this year. Such a terrible and devastating time for my kids to experience their first loss of a loved one. So much pain and so many tears were shed.

9. School Life
 I went back to study and right now I could say that I am almost half way through it. One more whole year and then finito! I am really enjoying this course though! I have learnt alot from great professors during this year and looking forward to learn more and more next year. My approach towards work, challenges, people etc have totally been transformed by this course. I love it!

10. Spiritual Life
I am proud to say that I am a Born-Again Christian now! Life has never been easier, exciting and beautiful when I discovered the truth of God's Word and his revelation for us and our heritage in Christ Jesus. I love getting to know my Father more and more though his Word (Bible). Joshua 1:8 says "Do not let this book of law depart from your mouth, meditate on it day and night, so that you will be careful in everything written in it and it will make you prosperous and successful". Prosperity and Success are mine as I spend more and more time getting to know my Father. Thank you Lord for the revelation of your Word that I now know that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13)

Anyway not only that but this blog also had gained more than 20,000 readers/viewers during the last 2 years. I am amazed myself!!

Anyway, I have written way too much for an average reader to read all in one go hahaha ka le masagi igi blogs uumi faapea hehehe Thank you for stopping by and sending you some island love from my little corner here in Vani, Tonga.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Sunset from my dad's pa povi at Luatuanu'u

I went home to Samoa for my grandma's funeral in Oct 2015 and it was such a memorable time for me. I had not been home since 2011 for 3 days only and this time, Charlie and I stayed for a lil over a week and we both had a great time apart from mourning the loss of my dear grandma, Eline Pisavale Luafalealo Ah Tong.

So much has changed in Samoa. Apia looks so upgraded than I last remembered. The one thing I really loved about going home was seeing my parents and my siblings. My parents are not getting any younger of course. Obvious signs of aging are there and even my younger siblings are grown up alot as well. Dad has lost abit of weight and my mom has gained a few pounds or so. 

 I only wish that we took the kids along with us and had stayed longer than we actually did but we had to rush back as I had a mid term test that same week. 

La'a uma November a lea koa post aku about October hahaha ;-) Anyway, that is all from me... I am missing home more and more and so can't wait to finish what I am currently studying and then go home for a long overdue vacation! I can almost hear Savai'i calling my name hahaha ;-)